Patent awarded for use of advanced automated system or instrument for Therapeutic Emesis

Ayurveda treatment by Therapeutic Emesis will now become Simple and Convenient

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21 JUL 2022 5:26PM by PIB Delhi

The Ayush sector has been constantly attempting to use technology and new innovation for various Ayurveda therapies. An advanced automated system or instrument for Therapeutic Emesis has been developed, which will make this therapy simple and convenient. Dr. B Sreenivasa Prasad, President, Board of Ayurveda, National Commission for Indian System of Medicine (NCISM) and his team of inventor were granted a patent for development of advanced automated system or instrument for Therapeutic Emesis by Controller of Patents, Government of India. 

Panchakarma are the prime treatment modality in ayurveda. Panchakarma are administered for prevention, manage, cure as well as for rejuvenation purpose. Vamana (therapeutic emesis), virechana (therapeutic purgation), basti (therapeutic enema), nasya (therapy through nasal route and rakthamokshana (blood letting therapy) are the five procedures under panchakarma.

Vamana i.e., a therapeutic procedure that expels impurities or doshas through oral route. The procedure is tedious to administer for both patient and panchakarma expert consultant. Further handling the vomitus hygienically is a major challenge. Till now there is no any technology developed to ease the procedure.

The present patented equipment ‘Advanced Automated Equipment or System for Therapeutic Emesis’ has been developed to administer the difficult Vamana procedure comfortably. This technology is equipped with monitors for monitoring of vital data of patients during the procedure. There is provision for handling the vomitus hygienically and as per biomedical waste management policy. It is also provided with emergency kit that is required to manage complications of the procedure. Clinical parameters that are required to assess the procedure are also automated. In total this technology is the complete solution for administering the Vamana procedure comfortably.

This Product has been developed by Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Ayurtech Incubation Centre of KLE Ayurworld and KLE Engineering college at Belagavi, Karnataka. The Technology was amongst Top 10 at IICDC 2018 and Incubate at NSRCEL, IIM Bangalore and supported by DST and Texas Instruments.

This advanced automated system will help the Ayurveda fraternity in teaching and practicing Ayurveda with use of technology. Going forward commercialization of this invention is also being looked into, so that it can be used in across hospitals in the country.



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