BENGALURU: A 24-year-old woman who surprised a friend by hosting his birthday party at home was in for a shock after another friend allegedly laced her wine with a sleeping pill and fled with gold ornaments worth over Rs 3.5 lakh.
Vedavati, a resident of Ganigarapalya, approached Talaghattapura police, who detained her friend Preeti.
Police said Chethan, Vedavati and Preeti were close friends. Vedavati and Preeti decided to give their pal a surprise and organised his birthday party on June 11 at the former’s residence. He got there by 10am and Vedavati and Preeti made him sit at home as they went out to bring a cake. The cake was cut around 10.20am and Chethan left by 10.45am.
Later, Preeti opened a bottle of wine she had brought. The duo had wine and within a few minutes, Vedavati fainted. Her mother returned home at 4pm and found her unconscious. The next day, the family noticed gold ornaments missing from the house.
Vedavati enquired about it with Chethan and Preeti, but both protested their innocence. The duo maintained their stand even before the cops. Police said Chethan was at home only for 45 minutes and alone for 10 minutes when Vedavati went out for the cake. Preeti had allegedly stolen a pair of earrings from Vedavati’s residence earlier.
Preliminary investigation revealed Preeti added a sleeping pill to the glass of wine she gave Vedavati and stole the gold soon after Vedavati fell unconscious.


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