Airtel is one of the largest telecom operators in India. The company offers a stable 4G service in almost all regions where it operates. Now the telco is all set to launch its 5G services in the near future. The 5G auctions in India haven’t begun yet, however, we already know a handful of details regarding Airtel’s 5G services.

Airtel users have quite a lot of questions regarding the brand’s 5G services. So without further ado, let’s know what we know so far about Airtel’s 5G plans, pricing, the launch date of the 5G network, and internet speed trial news.

Airtel 5G Service Expected Launch Date

The 5G network auction in India hasn’t been conducted yet. The Department Of Telecom has recently revealed that the first auction will take place for over 72GHz of the spectrum. Airtel has already confirmed that its network is 5G ready. The company has already confirmed that it will launch its 5G services in two to three months after the 5G auction takes place.

Cities to get 5G service initially

The union minister recently confirmed that the 5G network will be initially rolled out to 20-25 cities across the country. In the first phase of the launch, only 13 cities will be getting the new network. These cities include Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Gurugram, Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, Gandhinagar, Jamnagar, Kolkata, and Lucknow. So Airtel will also be initially offering its 5G services in these cities.

Airtel 5G Plans Pricing Details

Airtel hasn’t yet revealed any details regarding its 5G service plans. However, they are expected to be on par with its existing 4G tariffs. Recently, the IT minister clarified that the 5G data prices in India will be significantly lower than the average cost of the same in global markets. The current data prices in India are about $2 (around Rs. 155), while globally the average price is about $25 (~Rs. 1,900).

Airtel Internet Speed Trials

Airtel’s 5G internet speed in India will be among the fastest. Last year, the company conducted trials in Gurugram and Mumbai, and achieved a maximum speed of 1,000 Mbps. Earlier this year, the brand conducted trial in Hyderabad and achieve a massive peak speed of 3 Gbps (3,000 Mbps), which is three times faster than Jio’s speed trial. Airtel has confirmed that the real-world speeds would be between 200 Mbps to 300 Mbps on 5G.

We will know more about Airtel’s plans to launch its 5G service and cities soon after the upcoming 5G network auction.

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