BENGALURU: In one of the longest aeromedical evacuations to India in recent times, a 67-year-old Bengaluru woman with critical cardiac condition was flown from Portland in the United States to Chennai on a 26-hour air ambulance flight through Iceland and Turkey that arrived in India early Tuesday.
The airlift cost $133,000 (a little over Rs 1 crore) and involved two super-midsized private jets in as many legs, taking into consideration the condition of the patient, who is now being prepared for a heart surgery. The patient, who could be only identified as a resident of Indiranagar, was known to be in Oregon with her children for a few years until she developed the heart condition and sought treatment there in the US.
“The woman’s family felt the treatment in the US was not sufficient for her,” said Dr

Shalini Nalwad

, co-founder and director o

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