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One can easily find Sagar Hospitals Kumaraswamy Layout with its street address Shavige Malleshwara Hills, DSI, Banashankari, behind DSI campus, Kumaraswamy Layout. This Hospitals is located in the neighborhood and the zip code is 560078. You can contact Sagar Hospitals Kumaraswamy Layout by dialing 080 6955 5555 / 42888100/42999100 or submitting an enquiry at this page. This hospital has accreditations like NABH etc. Sagar Hospitals Kumaraswamy Layout has 3 verified reviews and the average rating from these reviews is 1 star.




3 Reviews on “Sagar Hospitals Kumaraswamy Layout”

3 reviews
  • Sagar Hospitals Kumaraswamy Layout Sagar Hospitals Kumaraswamy Layout

    Dear friends, Please please please please read my painful story in Sagar hospital Kumarswamy layout.
    The so called great senior nephrologist, Padmanabhan suggested for Dialysis for my mother Vijayalakshmi(68 years) and never used to visit the Dialysis section even once, only money minded.
    As my mother had chest pain during Dialysis, Dr. Kishore, the great Cardiologist, seems busy all time and careless behaviour towards the patients who come for consultation and not available for consultation for 3 hrs sometimes eventhough patients would be having appointment. Dr. Kishore suggested for Angiogram and showed a block and said 99% block,so Angioplasty needed and did not see my mother’s condition. Pst Angioplasty,my mother became very week and started speaking irrelavcant things. So we went to consult him with blood report and again, we could not meet him as he was not there at disk for more than 3 hrs. Neurologist suggested for MRI and got to know, 3 strokes in brain(may be because of Angioplasty). My mother was fine after coming from MRI, but they took her to emergency to insert IV for brain stroke treatment. They did not get vein in hands, so they tried to put in CNS line, post that she got cardiac arrest and died. In emergency they have only trainees staff and they all make crowd ad make the patient panic and don’t allow attenders of the patient. Very arrogant, un proffessional, unexperienced staff. If I imagine now, they literally killed my mother. Just imagine, inside hospital patient got cardiac arrest because of negligence while putting IV to CNS line and no senior doctors came to save my mother. Please don’t go to Sagar, it is my humble request as I don’t want any other people to loose their dear ones because of negligence. I’m suffering from guilt about taking my mother to Sagar hospital, Kumarswamy Layout. Really very careless people.

  • Sagar Hospitals Kumaraswamy Layout Sagar Hospitals Kumaraswamy Layout

    Fake rating on Google they have only money minded doctors. Dr.Shweta (Dentist) she does surgery which is not required at all just for Money she can ruin patients life without caring about future problems and issues.

  • Sagar Hospitals Kumaraswamy Layout Sagar Hospitals Kumaraswamy Layout

    For breathing trouble 70 yrs was admitted. Cretine was 2+ due to medicine it went upto 5. Known doctor told us to get discharged no need to di dialysis. This is after 8 days. Carefully guys. Please be aware.


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You can call Sagar Hospitals Kumaraswamy Layout at their phone number 080 6955 5555 / 42888100/42999100 or you can visit their website