Calling the imposition of Emergency in the country in June 1975 an attempt to “crush the democracy of India”, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Sunday in his 90th Mann ki Baat address that generations to come should remember and learn from that period.

“At that time, an attempt was made to crush the democracy of India. The country’s courts, every constitutional institution, the press, were put under control. The condition of censorship was such that nothing could be printed without approval,” Modi said.

“But even after many attempts, thousands of arrests, and atrocities on lakhs of people, the faith of the people of India in democracy did not shake… Not at all! … The people of India got rid of the emergency and re-established democracy in a democratic way,” he said. The PM also said that he had the “good fortune to have been a witness to and a partner in the struggle of the countrymen as a soldier of democracy” during the Emergency.

In his address, Modi also highlighted the creation of the Indian National Space Promotion and Authorization Centre (In-Space), an independent nodal agency formed to regulate private industry in the space sector, as an achievement in promoting new opportunities. He mentioned several space-related startups, including Chennai-based AgniKul Cosmis, Hyderababd-based Skyroot, Bengaluru-based Digantara and Hyderabad-based Dhruva Space. Both Digantara and Dhruva Space are going to make their first launch from ISRO’s launch vehicle on June 30.

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Modi also lauded the sportspersons who set several records at the recently concluded Khelo India Youth Games.

“Friends, there has been another special feature of Khelo India Youth Games. This time, too, many such talents have emerged, who are from very ordinary families. These players have struggled a lot in their lives to reach this stage of success. In their success, their family and parents, too, have had a big role to play,” he said.

He also highlighted the successful ‘waste-to-wealth’ efforts of Aizwal and Puducherry.

“There is a beautiful river, Chitte Lui, in Aizwal, which, due to neglect for years, had turned into a heap of dirt and garbage. Efforts have started in the last few years to save this river,” he said.

The PM also mentioned the beginning of the Hindu pilgrimage season. “As a society, we have always moved ahead by accepting new ideas, new changes. Our cultural mobility and travels have contributed a lot in this. That is why our sages and saints had entrusted us with spiritu

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