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One can easily find Specialist Hospital with its street address 216, 7th Main Rd, HRBR Layout 1st Block, HRBR Layout, Kalyan Nagar. This Hospitals is located in the neighborhood Kalyan Nagar and the zip code is 560043. You can contact Specialist Hospital by dialing +9180 4212 2222 or submitting an enquiry at this page. This hospital has accreditations like etc. Specialist Hospital has 5 verified reviews and the average rating from these reviews is 2.4 star.




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5 reviews
  • Specialist hospital Specialist Hospital

    Good job from heart front office staffs and satisfied with doctors and treatment

  • Specialist hospital Specialist Hospital
    not really necessary

    I stay closeby to the hospital and one visit to the hospital as an immediate action after my son got hurt while running for a sports event, made me to spend 4000 which they could have let us know before hand about the expenses that i may incur .. that way i could decide if it was worth spending it . The staff could have been more responsible in directing the people about the expenses rather then burdening them with unnecessary charges like registration even for one visit.

  • Specialist hospital Specialist Hospital
    Vinod Kumar

    One of the worst hospitals i came across. They charged me 59,000/- for my wife’s viral fever.
    Doctors keep prolonging the discharge date with various tests which results in normal.
    I won’t recommend heading here.

  • Specialist hospital Specialist Hospital

    Since eight months i used to have back pain due to mild disc bulge..After going for ten days of physiotherapy there were lots of improvements..By dr. Aswathy maam’s guidance, i recovered from back pain.. And now I’m doing well.. Thanks to Aswathy maam and trilife hospital..

  • Specialist hospital Specialist Hospital

    Is the hospital planning to construct 10 floors with the consultation money? Why Is the hospital charging 850rs?? For normal physician.?.I had been to Dr.Kanchan on 09 dec 2023.., and I was really shocked to see the doctors behaviour.Very carefree..and very sarcastic replies.Me as a patient with dengue symptoms..was tensed worried tired..and her approach was .”first get blood test then will see”ok..till the report arrives?..what should i eat? what should I do?? Keep looking at the test papers written by Dr Kanchan?..I have paid 850..show some justice atleast towards the money I pay..what a poor bad service.. and I seriously do not understand why is the hospital CHARGING 850 RS For a normal physician ???????wish I can talk to the founder of the specialist hospital..will just ask him..are you running hospital to treat people or to rob people.


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How to contact Specialist Hospital?

You can call Specialist Hospital at their phone number +9180 4212 2222 or you can visit their website https://specialisthospital.in.